The RPKI Workshop Demonstration #3: Interface Overview video gives an overview of the RPKI.NET graphical interface. This GUI provides an administrative interface for managing the RPKI.NET system. The charts on this page are intended to be used with this video.


  1. It is assumed the user will be running these commands on a local copy of the RPKI Workshop virtual machine. Instructions for downloading and setting up the RPKI Workshop VM may be found in the Workshop Demonstration #2 video, Installation and Setup.

  2. Most user names are specific to that VM and won't be used in a production environment. Similarly, the address ranges are purely for the sake of example.

  3. The tasks are broken down into a number of sub-tasks. Each sub-task is then divided into a number of steps. The GUI actions for each step are provided with a "Time Mark" to show where in the video each step takes place.

  4. The video is demonstrating how to use the GUI. Consequently, there will be some steps that are repetitive and won't necessarily be needed every time the sub-task or task is performed.

  5. The Time Marks are approximate. Most will be a couple seconds prior to the actual action taken in each step. This will hopefully provide a little context for the step prior to it actually being performed.

  6. The commands are all run in a web browser that is connected to the RPKI.NET administrative GUI.

  7. For part of this video, we'll be using the "labuser08" GUI account. There are other pre-defined users in the workshop VM -- "labuser00" through "labuser16".

Task Sub-Task Time Mark Page in GUI Thing to Click Text to Enter
Provide login data for labuser08 0:10 Login
enter user 0:20 labuser08
enter password 0:25 labuser08
  0:28 "Login" button
Tour of Dashboard Resources section 0:55 labuser08's dashboard
RPKI Workshop "Fake" Resource Tree diagram 1:15
Unallocated Resources section 1:32
ROAs section 1:50
Ghostbusters section 2:23
Router Certificate Requests section 2:43
Children section 2:50
Parents section 3:00
Repositories section 3:05
top-left menu of commands 3:10
  3:26 "workshop" link in Parent section
Logout of RPKI.NET GUI
  3:38 Parent: workshop "Log Out" link in top stripe
Provide login data for root 3:42 Login
enter user 3:46
enter password 3:48 rpkiworkshop
  3:49 "Login" button
Using Handles List of user handles displayed 3:51 Handle List
Change to user labuser08 3:55 "labuser08" link
Select a new identity to use 4:08 labuser08's dashboard "select identity" link in top-left menu
Switch to workshop user 4:13 Handle List "workshop" link
Resource Discussion 4:18 workshop's dashboard
workshop's allocated resources in Children section 4:40
"IANA" is workshop's parent 4:52
Switch User
  4:55 "select identity" link in top-left menu
  4:57 Handle List "IANA" link
Resource Discussion IANA's Resources and Unallocated Resources 4:59 IANA's dashboard
workshop environment's network diagram 5:21
Quagga Interface Create terminal window 5:47 terminal window
Login to Quagga as r8 5:50 ssh r8@trusty
enter login password 5:56 fnord
enter Quagga password 6:00 fnord
Show BGP Neighbors 6:09 show bgp neighbors
show neighbor at 6:15
show neighbor at, with AS 65533 6:23
Show BGP Summary 6:33 show ip bgp
Explain entries in table's rows: 6:45
identity - unique Quagga key 6:49
validation-status field 6:52
network block 6:59
next hop in path 7:06
metric and path 7:16
origin code 7:31
validation status 7:42
valid and invalid entries 8:41

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