RPKI.NET provides an administrative interface for managing the RPKI.NET system. The RPKI Workshop Demonstration #1: Architecture Overview video gives an overview of the architecture of the RPKI.NET workshop. The chart on this page is intended to be used with this video.


  1. This video does not use the RPKI Workshop system at all; it discusses the architecture of the RPKI Workshop system. However, the RPKI Workshop system will be used in later videos. Instructions for downloading and setting up the RPKI Workshop VM may be found in the Workshop Demonstration #2 video, Installation and Setup.

  2. The chart divides the video into a set of topics and subtopics. Each subtopic is provided with a "Time Mark" to show where in the video the subtopic is discussed.

  3. The Time Marks are approximate. Most will be a couple seconds prior to the actual discussion of each subtopic. This will hopefully provide a little context for the subtopic prior to it actually being discussed.

Topic Time Mark Subtopic
Introduction 0:00  
0:35 System set-up
Host Machine 0:50 Host Machine diagram
0:55 VM (RPKI workshop image)
1:10 2 Primary Routers:
1:42 Virtual routers in Linux Containers
2:09 Student Router R0 (or Laboratory-User Router R0):
2:45 Additional Student Routers:
 R2 ... R14
3:16 rpki.net management interface and sshd
3:33 Connecting other machines to RPKI on the Host Machine
(port forwarding to the Host Machine)
RPKI Workshop
"Fake" Resource Tree
4:15 Fake IANA root (Has:
4:27 Workshop Allocation (Has:
4:41 User-specified Allocations to Workshop
4:49 First Standard Allocation to Workshop:
5:10 All Standard Allocations to Workshop:
 R2 ... R15
Things to Do 5:24 Several tasks that may be done with the RPKI Workshop

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