We've taken the wonderful Bird Routing daemon and modified it to support BGPsec.

Major Changes:

This version has successfully inter-operated with BGP-SRx BGP Secure Routing Extension (BGP-SRx) , another independenty developed BGPSec implementation.

License GPL
Additional Information read the README.bgpsec document.
Download bird-1.6.0-bgpsec-0.9.tar.bz2

The Bird RPKI Client


The bird-rpki-client (formerly bgpsec-bird-client but renamed for accuracy) software can be used to download ROAs and router keys from an RPKI cache and make it available to the locally running BGPsec BIRD router. It can also be used with the standard BIRD software (i.e. without the BGPsec additions included in the software above) to load BIRD's ROA tables from a RPKI cache. It uses the RPKI-RTR protocol to transfer the data, using the RTRlib libraries. It also supports the RPKI-RTR-MIB, making use of the Net-SNMP libraries for SNMP support.

License LGPLv3
Additional Information read the README.bird-rpki-client document.
Download bird-rpki-client-v1.2.tar.bz2