RPKI Glossary

AS Autonomous Systems

CA Certification Authority

irdbd A sample implementation of an IR database daemon. rpkid communicates with irdbd to perform look-ups via the left-right protocol.

IANA Internet Assigned Numbers Authority, responsible for the global coordination of the DNS Root, IP addressing, and other Internet protocol resources.

IRBE Internet Registry Back-End, consisting of the irdbd, rpkic, and the web GUI.

IRDB Internet Registry DataBase

left-right protocol The left-right protocol is two separate client/server protocols over separate channels between the RPKI engine and the IRBE. The IRBE is the client for one of the subprotocols; the RPKI engine is the client for the other.

pubd The publication engine daemon.

RIR Regional Internet Registry, an organization that manages the allocation and registration of Internet number resources within a particular region of the world.

ROA Route Origin Authorization

rootd A separate daemon for handling the root of an RPKI certificate tree. This is a stripped-down version of rpkid with no SQL database, no left-right protocol implementation, and only the parent side of the up-down protocol.

RP Relying Party

RPKI Resource Public Key Infrastructure, allows IP address holders to specify which Autonomous Systems are authorized to originate their IP address prefixes.

RPKI CA Engine Consists of the following programs: irdbd, pubd, rootd, rpkic, rpkid, and the web GUI.

rpkid The main RPKI engine daemon.

rpkic A command line interface to control rpkid and pubd.

up-down protocol This is a provisioning protocol for certificate management interactions between an Internet Number Resource issuer ("issuer") and an Internet Number Resource recipient ("subject") The protocol supports certificate issuance, certificate revocation, and certificate status information reports. The protocol definition may be found in RFC-6492.

web GUI A web-based graphical interface to control rpkid and pubd.

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