BGP Incident:
Summary:Digitial United gets hijacked by Technologii svyazi
Start:2014-12-12 00:00:00
End:2015-01-16 00:00:00

Additionally, from December 12th to January 16th, AS44050’s customer AS201593 (Technologii svyazi, LLC) originated a prefix ( which was a more-specific hijack of — a prefix originated by Digital United (AS4780) out of Taiwan. And starting January 8th, another AS44050 customer, namely, Trast Ltd. (AS198747) has been very briefly announcing various ranges of unused IP address space such as (Dougenzaka, JP), (Sybaweb Internet, ZA), and (Chinanet, CN), pictured below.

Affected ASes
ASHow Affected
201593Initiated more specific prefixes ( taking traffic from Digital United
4780Victim -- portion of their space taken (
44050Passed illegitimate traffic from AS201593
Dyn summarizes a number of attacks
Affected AS 'Route Views' Connection Map

(note: not all connections may be shown for big graphs)