BGP Incident:
Summary:AS13110 hijacks the US department of defense
Start:2014-09-10 00:14:00
End:2014-09-10 00:31:00

The hijacks described above ceased at the end of August. However, on Wednesday we saw some new suspicious activity from AS13110. At 00:14 UTC on 10 September, AS13110 hijacked a prefix from the US Department of Defense (, normally announced by AS27064). At 00:31 UTC the hijack had stopped, but then a few minutes later an ASN downstream of AS13110 began hijacking a new Brazilian prefix (, TecleNet Solucoes Tecnologicas) at 00:35 UTC. Was the DoD hijack an initial test before the real target was selected?

Affected ASes
ASHow Affected
27064US DoD
Affected AS 'Route Views' Connection Map

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