BGP Incident:
Summary:Petersburg Internet Network IP-squatted
Start:2015-01-07 09:15:00
End:2015-01-07 10:43:00

A couple of weeks ago, the IP-squatters in Saint Petersburg, Russia hijacked routed address space of the Italian National Institute of Nuclear Physics (Istituto Nazionale di Fisica Nucleare), a popular target of theirs. Pictured below are the timelines of AS198596’s originations of and, which are more-specific hijacks of and, respectively — both normally originated by AS137 (GARR, the Italian Research & Education Network).

Affected ASes
ASHow Affected
198596Initiated a more specific prefix ( and, taking traffic away
137Victim -- Normal traffic recipient for and
Dyn summarizes a number of attacks
Affected AS 'Route Views' Connection Map

(note: not all connections may be shown for big graphs)