BGP Incident:
Summary:Con Edison (AS27506) steals much of the internet's traffic
Start:2006-01-22 00:00:00
End:2006-01-22 00:00:00

Well, not the whole Internet, but Con Edison (AS27506) “stole” several important prefixes on the Internet earlier today, probably by mistake. Earlier this afternoon, I saw a message on the NANOG mailing list claiming that Con Ed was “stealing” routes to Panix, the venerable New York ISP, who had previously been hit with another outage beyond their control. Looking quickly into this with Renesys Routing Intelligence, it’s far worse than that.

Affected ASes
ASHow Affected
27506Announced the routes
2033Panix was one of the larger routes stolen
Affected AS 'Route Views' Connection Map

(note: not all connections may be shown for big graphs)