BGP Incident:
Summary:INDOSAT Thailand announces many routes
Start:2014-04-02 18:26:00

From nanog on the same day: > So I setup BGPMON for my prefixes and got an alert about someone in > Thailand announcing my prefix. Everything looks fine to me and I've > checked a bunch of different Looking Glasses and everything announcing > correctly. > > I am assuming I should be contacting the provider about their > misconfiguration and announcing my prefixes and get them to fix it. Any > other recommendations? > > Is there a way I can verify what they are announcing just to make sure they > are still doing it? > > Here is the alert for reference: > > Your prefix: > > Update time: 2014-04-02 18:26 (UTC) > > Detected by #peers: 2 > > Detected prefix: > > Announced by: AS4761 (INDOSAT-INP-AP INDOSAT Internet Network > Provider,ID) > > Upstream AS: AS4651 (THAI-GATEWAY The Communications Authority of > Thailand(CAT),TH) > > ASpath: 18356 9931 4651 4761 and followed up with: I'm seeing the same hijack of prefixes by multiple networks under my watch, at 18:40 UTC and 19:06 UTC.

Affected ASes
ASHow Affected
4761ISP doing the announcements (INDOSAT-INP-AP INDOSAT Internet Network Provider,ID))
4651The upstream doing the announcement (THAI-GATEWAY The Communications Authority of Thailand(CAT),TH)
Affected AS 'Route Views' Connection Map

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